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GO IMU, VG and AHRS        download the overview sheet here


羚nt> Advanced precision MEMS rate sensors and accelerometers

羚nt> Low Power

羚nt> Programmable update rate

羚nt> Rotational rate 100 㥣 or 200 㥣

羚nt> Embedded DSP platform

羚nt> 24 bit digitizing using

羚nt> Arinc 429, RS 485, RS 232

羚nt> High vibration resistance

     Dynamic accuracy <0.5deg 1σ 
     gyro ARW < 0.03 deg/√hr
     gyro BIAS < 0.5 deg/hr


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The GO AHRS is based on Navionex浬l 3 axis IMU (6DOF).

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It uses an extended Kalman filter estimating Pitch and Roll and Yaw.
The unit can use speed and/or GPS information for better accuracy.
Using Quaternians, the AHRS has no limits in Roll and Pitch and no singularity lock-out.

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