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NANO IMU, VG and AHRS        download the datasheet here



羚nt> 300 Hz gyro sampling 60 Hz data stream

羚nt> AHRS Mathematics based on VG algorithm

羚nt> Magnetic Slaved Gyro Compass

羚nt> Roll, Pitch and Heading Angles in Dynamic Environments

羚nt> On Board DSP Processing

羚nt> Proprietary Kalman Filter Algorithm

羚nt> High Performance to Cost Ratio MEMS

羚nt> Temperature compensated

羚nt> Available Q2 2009


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The NANO Vertical Gyro and VG based AHRS   is a reference system with remarkable price/performance relationship. The

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NANO is a solid-state six-degree-of freedom (6DOF) unit intended for a multiple of applications, available in small quantities and OEM quantities. It can be used for Control, dynamics testing and instrumentation applications.


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